Water Filtration Mechanisms One Should Know

Water!! The essential for life. Nowadays, with the advent of technology and the pollution around, the drinking water doesn’t seem to be healthy anymore. It is highly polluted. No wonder! The same technological development has brought a solution to this issue. Yes, the water filters that we use are of a great help as it enables people to get pollution free water for drinking. Also, the chances of water diseases are highly reduced. However, none of us must have thought of what does the water filter actually do?? Or how does it function? Isn’t it strange!! Till now we really didn’t bother to even find out how are these water filters actually helping us. So, here we come to show you the technology involved in the functioning of water filters and how is water purified.

Water purification is the process of separating the unwanted chemicals, contaminants, suspended solids and gases, microbes from the water to make it fit for specific purpose. The standards for drinking water quality are set by Government or international standards. The water filters are designed as per these norms.

Water filtration processes are basically of three types- Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filtration, Ultra Filtration (UF), Ultraviolet disinfection (UV). The selection of system depends upon the quality of water in the region. Now, let us actually know how each type of process works.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filtration

What does Reverse Osmosis mean?

It is a water purification technology which uses a semipermeable membrane to separate ions, molecules and other particles from drinking water. It is a simple filtration mechanism used in water filters.

In the RO water filter, the water or other solvents pass through the semipermeable membrane. This membrane blocks the sediments, contaminants, etc. that contaminate the water. Thus, all the contaminants such as ions, pesticides, micro-organisms, etc. are filtered, and pure water capable of being consumed is obtained. This is one of the effective methods of water purification.

This water passes through RO pre-filters where the contaminants are separated from the water. This treated water enters the storage tank, and finally, water passes through Post-Filter, i.e. carbon filter which removes bad odor from the water and also improves the taste of drinking water. Also, the waste water which consists of dirt is removed from the drain line.  The disadvantage of this system is that a lot of water gets wasted in the drainage. Only a small part of the water entering the system is actually purified and obtained at the end of the process.

Ultra Filtration

Ultra Filtration process is not very different from the Reverse Osmosis filtration process. It is a process which uses hydrostatic pressure to force water again semipermeable membrane. This membrane removes bacteria, micro-organisms and other molecules of larger size than those that are blocked in RO mechanism. Also, this process eliminates the bad odor from the water and makes it fit for consumption.

Ultra Violet Disinfection

Ultra Violet Disinfection involves a UV lamp which provides pure and safe drinking water The UV light used in the process is a high powered UV which is also known as UV-C or germicidal UV. The UV-C rays penetrate into the body of the germs to deactivate them. The DNA of these germs is modified in such a way that they cannot multiply. Also, these harmful microorganisms cannot develop immunity against these powerful UV rays.

The pre-treatment process maximizes the efficiency of the treatment in this process. Water passes through sediment filters and carbon filters during the pre-treatment phase. Sediment filters remove silt whereas carbon filters remove the organic impurities in the water.   


So, the above few processes purify the water and make it fit for consumption. Also, these water purifiers are prevention of the water-borne diseases which are very common these days. No wonder, there are a huge number and types of water filters available in the market. You have to select the best one considering the quality of water and flow of the water. However, we must say the water filters are one of the essential gadgets every house must have. It is more of an investment. Why not take precaution for good health of the family rather than going through the pain and consulting doctors for the cure? To sum up, we would say, “Let’s all have the most suitable and best water filters in the house”.

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