Veesp VPS Hosting – One of the Best VPS on the Web

If you are one of those bloggers who is looking forward to the best hosting solutions for your website or blog, the first thing you would need to think of is the type of hosting service you would opt for. The best hosting service that you should opt for is VPS Hosting. Which is the best VPS Web hosting you would go with? We recommend Veesp VPS Hosting. What is this service about and what capabilities does the service come with? We will undertake an analysis.

Why Should You Opt for VPS Hosting?

For obvious benefits that the VPS Hosting comes with. Compared to the other hosting service that is equally popular, the Shared Web Hosting, it offers you extra advantages in its own right.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In this mode of web hosting, each of the VPS is part of the larger dedicated server. Each of these individual parts of the server come with its own dedicated bandwidth and space in addition to a host of its own resources. Your site will be hosted on a single server without having to compete with other sites.

Veesp – An Overview

Veesp, a rebranded web hosting service specialises in providing you best in class VPS Hosting services. Of course, the service also offers its services in Dedicated Hosting, but its strength lies in VPS hosting. Known earlier as vStoike, the service has now expanded it footprint. The company has been established and headquartered in Russia and has spread its operations across United States and Europe.

Apart from VPS and dedicated hosting services, the company also comes with a host of other services as well. Some of its services include DNS, web and E-Commerce hosting plans and domain registration services. You can also check their SSL certification as well if you are in need of those services.

The Products offered by Veesp

Veesp specialises in the following services. You can opt for the services from a particular genre for your requirements.

Some of the products you have access to include

Linux SSD Hosting –  The service works with the local SSD storage thus offering high-end performance. SSD will help you get better quality Hosting service.

Linux HDD Hosting – The service makes use of HDD storage for hosting your site. You can be assured of reliable hosting with RAID 10 architecture.

Windows VPS Hosting – Windows Hosting is a little expensive, but if you need the Windows environment for your site, this can be your best option.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Dedicated server hosting is the right path for higher performance and reliability. However, it can be quite expensive compared to VPS Hosting.

What are the advantages of using Veesp VPS Hosting?

Veesp promises you the excellent services thanks to the dedication that the firm exhibits. Some of the advantages of using Veesp include –

  • Guaranteed Uptime – The Company assures a guaranteed uptime of 99.9 percent. They promise to refund you the entire month’s cost if they fail to provide it.
  • Network Reliability – The network offers you a completely reliable service. It can support up to 70 Gbit /sec external channels.
  • Customisable Plans – The service does come with special But, you would be able to customise you plans further to meet your needs.
  • Highly powerful data centres – Veesp offers you its services through Tier II data centre.

Other advantages of opting for the Veesp VPS service would be a user-friendly interface, easier setup functionality and one-click install option.

The after sales support that the company offers you is quite trustworthy and effective. All your queries and other complaints you may have would be promptly addressed. The flexible plans that they have on offer is another feature that would make Veesp a great option for the newbie bloggers.

In Conclusion

Well, Veesp is indeed an excellent service in its own right. The advantages offered by the service tend to be trustworthy and effective with a host of features and special functions. What we like with the service is the fact that they provide you everything that they promise you.

We have been witnessing the growth of a host of web hosting services being started day in and a day off. However, most of them die an immediate death as a result of services that are not compatible with the demands of the industry. Veesp is something that lives up to the expectation and one of the best options that you can rely upon. Opt for their services today, and you will never regret ever again!

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