Top Smartphone Games That Earn You BIG Money – Easy!

Money is the necessity because everything you see around you can be bought with money only. The more money you have, the more luxury life you can live.

That is the reason we all human being keep trying to make more money. Online money making is one of the greatest ideas for the ones who stay at home. We all know, we make money for the work we do but have you ever thought that playing games on your phone could make you some significant amount of money?

Probably not!

But, this is possible. There are some smartphone money making games that may help you earn money while sitting at your home playing games.

Below are some of those smartphone games that earn you big Money:

  1. Trizzio

We all love playing quiz games because they are interesting, and also they boost our knowledge and IQ. Till now, you have been playing such quiz games just for entertainment and boosting your knowledge but now, by playing Trizzio, a quiz game; you can actually make some money.

When you play and win, you earn points which you can later redeem to buy different gadgets, mobile phones, speakers, etc. Also, you can redeem it to PayTm cash.

Moreover, when prizes are out of stock, you may not redeem the points so you can wait for the prizes to come in stock.

  1. Dream 11

Dream 11 is a fantasy cricket game that you can play using its app. In this game, you need to install the app, create your team by selecting players, then select captain and vice-captain. You get credits for making your team. You also get signup bonus if you used someone else’s referral code. However, the one whose code you use earns as well. When you start playing, you will know more about this game, and earn a lot. If you verify your account completely, you will be able to get those earnings transferred to your bank.

Once you start playing, you can also invite your friends to play Dream 11, if they use your invite link/code and verify their account, you get 250 INR more.


  1. Gamentio

You must have heard a lot about Casinos where people play and make money. They do lose money too; it is kind of gambling. Moreover, online casino gaming is cool, play and make some money.
Gamentio is one of the best casino games which allows you to play Poker, BlackJack, Teenpatti, and Rummy. Win and earn points, and later redeem those points to cash vouchers of your choice.

Playing casino on Gamentio is completely legal. You can also make money through this game by referring your friends to play this. Once they accept your invite and start playing, you get points for that too.

  1. Skrilo

Skrilo is a lifestyle app where they bring knowledge, inspiration, offers, brands, quizzes, etc. in a gamified approach.

Install the app, watch and engage with the contents that are shown in the app. With each engagement, you collect chances or free tickets.

There are two draws: Daily and Weekly. In which they withdraw a lucky draw, if you are a winner, you get the prize from them.

It is a luck based game. If you win in lacs, you have to verify your PAN and tax details to claim the prize.

Isn’t it very simple to try out? You never know when your luck works and you become rich overnight.

  1. Solitaire – Make Money Free

Solitaire is a real gaming app that you can play to make money. All you need to is to play any of its game to collect tickets which you have to enter into cash prize draws. The more tickets you collect the more chances of your winning.

Final Words

These are some of those smartphone games that help you earn money just by playing. You can either try all these games or anyone of these and start making money. Even sometimes if you don’t win, you will still enjoy gameplay. Fun unlimited!

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