How To Recover Deleted Files Using Recuva For Free?

Ever been in a difficult situation where you accidentally deleted some important files and no matter how hard you cried or wept they won’t just restore back?

These files may be some important documents, your projects or just images from a family function. Losing them can be very painful and disappointing.

We all have been in such situations, but thankfully there are some software which help you recover and restore these deleted files.

In this post, I am going to talk about a software named Recuva and we will see how it helps in recovering deleted files.

Recuva is a free software from the same people who coded the widely used and much useful software named CCleaner i.e. Piriform.

Let us first take a look at the features of Recuva and then we will move on and see how to use it to recover deleted files.

Features of Recuva Recovery Software

  • Restore deleted files from a volume
  • Reinstate deleted files from external disks or damaged drives
  • Recover deleted emails from clients like MS Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Deep Scanning helps you recover older deleted files
  • Recover songs deleted from iPod
  • Portable version – Install it on USB stick and use it on PC

So these were some very useful features of Recuva. The main features that I personally like are that it can restore files from a volume or a folder and also from a damaged disk or external hard drives.

Basically when files are deleted, they are still available in sectors in which they are stored and they remain there until these sectors are replaced by new files so make sure that the you recover these files soon after deleting else you will have to kiss your files goodbye forever.

This problem is somewhat solved by the Deep Scan feature as it digs deeper to find out stuff that might have a chance of getting recovered even after them getting deleting.

Now let us move on to the section where we will see how to use Recuva to restore and recover deleted files.

How to use Recuva to recover the deleted files?

First of all you need to download and install it so head over to this page. Choose the free version and download it from either Filehippo or Piriform’s server. It’s your call to make.

Step 1: Install it by double-clicking the downloaded executable file and after it is installed you should see this interface.


Step 2: Now clicking the Next button will show a new window where you can choose what type of files you want to recover. You can choose to recover all types of files.

Step 3: Click Next and you will see a new window where you can choose the location you want to scan. I am choosing a drive here but you can choose any from the given list and the further steps will be similar.

Step 4: You can now click the Next button and you will see a new window in which will ask if you want to do a Deep Scan.

Step 5: It will start searching for files and will show the results in a new window.

Step 6: Now you can go ahead and check the files that you want to recover and just click the Recover button and choose where you want to save them and let Recuva do the rest.

So this was a post that showed how you can easily recover deleted files using Recuva. If you have any doubts then let us know in the comments section below.

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