10 Reasons to Buy a Mansion


The popularity of suburban houses is growing with each passing day. It is understandable, after all, it is prestigious and comfortable to live in a mansion, and the price of the house is much cheaper than a price of an apartment with the same area. According to statistics, more than 25% of the megacities inhabitants are already planning to buy a suburban housing within 2-3 years and decided to build a mansion.

For those who have not yet decided on what to choose – a house or an apartment, and who questions the decision to change their urban life, we propose to evaluate all the advantages of the mansion.

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  1. Planning and the opportunity to expand the living space

When building a house, the owner decides on a size of his housing and planning. When buying a finished mansion, you can significantly expand the living space, adding a room, terrace or making a cozy attic, building something else (workshop, gazebo, bath, etc.).

  1. Autonomous entrance

You won’t have to face dark or dirty neighborhood. You will have a clean, neat courtyard with designer lamps and a porch with exclusive entrance door.

  1. Cellar

You can store not only fresh vegetables and fruits but also wine, liqueurs, and brandy of your own production.

  1. Autonomy communications

Full control over communication system in the house. The private heating system won’t let you freeze in the fall, and overheat in early spring.

  1. Wardrobe

Even though this is a pipedream for the apartment, it is a good idea for a private house. Even a small dressing room is much more comfortable than a capacious closet.

  1. Playroom

Only in the mansion, you can equip a separate playroom for children (in addition to the children’s room), and the little ones will feel better on their own territory.

  1. Ecology

No comments: fresh air is the real pleasure!

  1. View from the window

Your window opens you a beautiful green landscape, rather than a concrete construction.

  1. Parking place

A serious problem for the city disappears when it comes to the mansion.

  1. Own garden

If you have a plot – it would be a sin not to grow your own organic fruits and vegetables. And even earn from it if you want!

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