Puran – One Of the Best File Recovery Software

Puran File Recovery utility is a recovery software, works only on Windows, which helps you to recover erased files from your hard disk, pen drive, memory card i.e. basically any storage medium. You can also recover those files which you overlooked to save before doing a full format of your drive. Before heading forward to its functionality, let’s have a quick look at its key features.

Key Features

  • Very user-friendly interface.
  • Open Source Software i.e. available free of cost.
  • Diverse scan options.
  • Deep scan feature aids to start a nippy scan including all-inclusive free space of a precise hard drive.
  • Full scan feature lets you go for a comprehensive scan comprising of parts that have gone astray.
  • Search box supports to unswervingly find a deleted file after scanning.
  • Tree & list view reinforced.
  • Displays the state of file i.e. whether it is in a good or in a bad condition.
  • The preview is also available for files.

Scanning is so swift in this software and it offers diverse scanning features too. You can perform deep scan, custom scan and also perform full scan. Unlike other file recovery software, Puran File Recovery provides a search box that can help you to unswervingly search for your unintentionally obliterated files. It can be an image, video, audio, or data. Puran File Recovery can recover almost everything that has been scrapped erroneously affirming the state of them and also giving you the choice to reinstate them to a custom directory.

It is very stress-free to use File Recovery Puran. If it’s the first time, the application inquires the user if he desires to make a “partial scan” which is quicker or “complete scan” which is sluggish and detailed but is suggested if you are examining for files that have been erased during formatting. Depending on the storage volume of your hard drive, the second choice may take more than a few minutes. There is also the likelihood to achieve a hunt using a custom list, precisely convenient selection to discover a collection of files with explicit attributes as well.

Recovering your files 

You have to follow few steps –

  • Select the desired drive in which you want to perform the search.
  • Then click on Scan button. After searching through the entire drive, Puran File Recovery will list the files that can be recovered and indicate the level of conservation of each of them: “Excellent”(documents in good condition) or “Poor” (items that can hardly be recovered in full).
  • You can also filter the results using the drop-down menu “All files”, displaying only compressed files, music, pictures, videos and other documents.
  • First select the desired files, then choose the directory in which you want to save them and then recover them by clicking on the Recover button.

You can now see that operating this software is indeed an easy chore. In a nutshell, Puran File Recovery is an excellent software plus you can get it without spending a single buck.

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