Computer Mouse Tricks to Increase Your Daily Productivity

Mouse is simply a pointing device that can control the pointer on your display screen. It is generally named after its shape as well as its connecting wires at the back of the device truly resembling a mouse and its tail.

Full Form of Mouse

There are some of the common full forms of mouse, such as:

  • Moving Object Used in Serial Engineering
  • Manually Operated User Selection Equipment
  • Mechanically Operated User Serial Engine
  • Mechanically Operated User Signal Engine

Mouse Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

Mouse is an important part of your PC and your life. You may have been using it for a while now. But there are certain things you probably didn’t know you can do with your mouse. Here are the computer mouse tricks to boost your overall productivity –

Use Scroll Wheel as a Button

Most mice come with a scroll wheel between the left and right clicks so you can scroll up and down the page. However, you can do much more with this scroll wheel.

Press down the wheel and use it as a third button. Press down on any link to open in new tab. You can also close the tab by clicking it on the open tab.

Hold the shift key down when you scroll through the page to move back and forth between pages. Scrolling down goes back, and scrolling up goes ahead.

Hold down on the CTRL and scroll up to zoom in the web page and scroll down to zoom out. You can push some mouse wheels right or left to move left and right (back and forth) on the page.

Mouse Click with Shift Button

In MS Word or even web page, highlight any part of the text or whole paragraph with Shift key and mouse click. Put the cursor at the beginning and hold the Shift key down. To highlight the whole paragraph, click at the end or anywhere in the text to end selection.

Double/Triple Clicks to Highlight

You can select the words by double click. But do you know you can highlight the full paragraph with a triple click on the text?

Right Click

You can simply view the properties of an object or highlight text with a right click. For instance, right click on the highlighted text and copy and right click any other place to paste it.

You may right click the text, hold it on, and drag it to somewhere else. You can copy or move the text. You can save extra step of right clicking again with this trick.

Using Side Buttons of the Mouse

Some gaming mice also come with side buttons (next to left or right keys). These buttons can do almost anything. By default, left thumb side button can take you back to the web page and right one can go ahead.

Ctrl Key with Click

While holding the Ctrl key down, left click and highlight several sections of text or choose multiple files. You can also hold the Ctrl key down and use up or down arrows to choose text.


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