Mechanical Keyboard Vs. Regular Keyboard

We have choices for almost everything that exists, ranging from something as basic as toothpaste to things as big as a refrigerator. There are various types which cater to a handful of needs and hence have an edge over the other.

Similarly, while not many of us might have paid heed to the kind of keyboards we use, there are types and probably features you never knew of. There are two kinds of keyboards, the mechanical and the regular which are often compared in order to fathom their utility and of course, list out the better one between the two. While the traditional keyboards do cater to the maximum users, the mechanical keyboards also, do have a niche of users, courtesy the tapping and all the add ones that they boast of.

While we all do know how a basic keyboard looks like, a mechanical keyboard by definition is one which uses individual spring and switch for each key.  People have often switched to mechanical keyboards and well, let us say they have found what they were looking for almost always.

To start off with, let us list down why are Mechanical Keyboards better than the traditional ones:

The Clicks

While this feature can be a downside for many, this is one of the prime features of a mechanical keyboard – to create a loud concrete sound upon being pressed. Since a mechanical keyboard is, most of the times useful to gamers and people who need too loud an assurance about a key being tapped, it works perfectly fine in its stance. Someone in an office would definitely not go for a mechanical keyboard, and it only makes sense. However, for someone who works by themselves, it is a good pick.

Durability and Longevity

This point here stands unquestioned because these keyboards are the kind that are capable of lasting you a 50 million presses. They, of course, do cost more than the regular keyboard. However, they also last for longer, without any or too much damage to see after. There is no denying that the regular keyboards as well work for long enough, but these come with n assurance and quality. Keyboards, after all, are something you get used to, and changing them too often makes you lose your finesse.

Gaming made better

For a maximum number of people, a mechanical keyboard is an ideal solution to hardcore gaming where they can regressively press the keyboards and use it roughly. While many do enjoy it, and it is true that one of the key purposes of the keyboard remains to serve gamers, it is also true that there are also gamers who find the clicks to be an inhibition in the sense that it takes up a few seconds’ time often.

Choices available

Mechanical keyboards have an array of features and intensity to choose from, mostly in the form of the pricing and the sound that it creates. While some keyboards boast of USB ports, macro buttons, and many other add-ons, there are some which simply have a gaming mode in order to meet the need of the gamers.

Having said that, there are also chances that you might as well not want to invest in a mechanical keyboard and simply have it the traditional way with your regular keyboard. The regular ones as well do have their own set of pros over the mechanical ones, and you might want to read about it.

Easy and portable

For someone with a laptop, mechanical keyboards might be heavy and a task to deal with as they carry around. For light users of PCs or laptops as well for that matter, the regular keyboards suffice, and there is no need to switch after all. The regular keyboard comes easy and does not include much of hassles which might otherwise come along with mechanical keyboards.


If someone isn’t inclined towards a mechanical keyboard, it could also be because of the added costs attached to them. The regular keyboards come in handy both in terms of portability and money. After all, not everyone will be willing to pay a few extra bucks to hear louder taps. Also, keyboards most of the times do not need too much of maintenance and last for a decently long period unless used to roughly.

All of that all said and done; the choice remains upon the kind of usage that you’d have and the money you are looking out to invest in the keyboard. For someone who needs sturdiness and durability, a mechanical keyboard would be an ideal choice. However, at the same time, if you’re looking out for regular basic usage and are not willing to shell out those extra monies, a regular keyboard shall do for you.

So which one are you choosing and why would you?

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