KolibriOS – World’s Smallest Operating System with GUI


KolibriOS is a small, unbelievably fast and powerful open-source x86 operating system written entirely in Assembly. Factually it’s so small that it could be embraced onto a floppy disk or something similar. It’s not an astonishment that it is titled after the enormous avian called Colibri. It was pronged off from MenuetOS in 2004 and run under autonomous development since.


  • i586 compatible CPU required
  • 8 MB of RAM
  • VESA-compatible video-card
  • Floppy drive, Hard disk, USB Flash or CD-drive
  • Keyboard and mouse (COM, PS/2 or USB)


  • Only needs 8 GB RAM and a few megabytes space on a hard disk.
  • Boots at a lightning fast speed (3 seconds).
  • Opulent sets of application programs that include a word processor, image viewer, graphical editor, web browser.
  • More than 30 exhilarating games.
  • Supports FAT12/16/32 files completely.
  • Read-only provision for NTFS, ISO9660 and Ext2/3/4 type files.
  • Graphical user interface grounded on and elevated for VESA.
  • Pre-emptive multitasking.
  • TCP/IP Networking.
  • USB Support.
  • Media Playback.
  • File Manager.
  • Command line and Debugger.
  • Code editor with a macro-assembler unified.
  • Drivers for sound, network, and graphics cards are also available.


Once you enter the boot menu of KolibriOS and press enter, it will bring you to the fully functional desktop in just a couple of seconds. Applications start instantaneously, immediately after clicking an icon, without that infuriating loading sign. This is attained because of the compact kernel and drivers which are written completely in the FASM assembly language and meticulously enhanced for crucial speed and size.
There is a Start menu and taskbar, just like there is in Windows, at the foot of the screen, and the desktop is besieged with minor services. In this menu, you will discover a few beneficial things. The system comes with a TFTP client, mail clients, News Groups reader, Telnet, IRC client, and even VNC viewer and a Yahoo! Attuned messenger. There’s also a music player, granting that you might not be successful in playing music from a CD.

You can also personalize your system the way you want, change the basic settings and drivers. Numerous interface and system menu languages are reinforced, including German, French and even Russian.


KolibriOS is a noteworthy development. It is categorized as a sideline, but this does not reduce its worth, splendor or potential. Even though it is doubtful that it will ever ornament into a marketable status desktop alternate, it does display the remarkable creativity and proficiency of everyone involved.
KolibriOS Team even claims that they are a competition for the market giants such as Windows and Mac. Although it’s remarkably terrific, the bitter truth is that it’s never going to replace Windows or Mac or Linux.
Recently, at the end of March 2013, KolibriOS has applied as a mentoring association for Google Summer of Code 2013 but got rejected by Google.

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