Meet Jade Raymond – The Living Example of Beauty with Brains

Born in Montreal, Canada on August 28, 1975, Jade Raymond is a Canadian video game programmer, and founder of Ubisoft Toronto, and Motive Studios from Electronic Arts.

Jade Raymond is famous across the world for her at par excellence in academic background. To be clear, Raymond attended St. George’s School of Montreal and graduated in 1992. Along with it, she also holds bachelor’s degree in Science from the McGill University just after completing her studies in 1998.

In addition, Raymond also has majored in computer science. When it comes to focusing on the academic parameter, we came to the verdict that this lady can easily outperform other lady programmers because of her vast knowledge and experience she has.

Her Programming & Gaming Career

Jade Raymond is well-known across the world as one of the finest game developers. After graduation, Raymond has started her career with Sony. At Sony, her basic profile was programming games. Later on, she founded an R&D group which used to share the same interest in her.

She had a huge contribution to their well-known online game, Sims Online. After having some stint with various online game companies, Jade Raymond has become the Managing Director for none other than Ubisoft Montreal, a gaming giant which is now the talk of the town since it launched the first Assassin’s Creed game. She became an executive producer which led to creating Assassin’s Creed II and new IP, included The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and Watch Dogs.

In January 2010, she moved to Toronto and built another studio as a managing director for Ubisoft. She is also the member of the WIFT-T Board of Directors. WIFT-T is an organization engaged in the promotion of women across television, film, and screen-based industries.

Her Achievements

In her long-haul gaming career, Jade Raymond is supposed to have a lot of achievements in the area of programming and gaming. The opportunity of hosting 2003 Game Developer’s Awards was the one-time opportunity for her and the huge turning point in her career.

Along with it, she has also enjoyed success as the leading name in each group of game lovers and fans to a huge extent. Similarly, Raymond has also earned huge respect and recognition by awarding Hideo Kojima with the title of MTV’s Lifetime Achievement award.

In addition, she has also earned huge recognition as among the most giving persons who are active in the programming and gaming industry. It is huge because she is willing to undermine the competition and to help out her mates in designing and developing games to a huge extent.

Her Personal Life

Jade Raymond lives in a family of four members, including her son, daughter, her husband, and herself. In addition, she is based in Toronto, Canada. Along with it, she is a socially responsible person. She has actively volunteered for LOVE, a non-profit organization. The NGO is aimed to remove violence in Canadian youth. She has made her great contribution to the organization.


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