Interesting Chemistry Facts

Chemistry is undeniably one of the most interesting subjects. The subjects include numerous interesting facts that can be related to our real lives. Some of such interesting chemistry facts are given below.

  • Fact 1:

Sodium and Chlorine combine to form Sodium Chloride which is the chemical name of common salt. The interesting part is that both Sodium and Chlorine are highly reactive and poisonous.

  • Fact 2:

Bromine and Mercury are the only elements that are liquid at room temperature. They have very less melting point i.e. -7.2 Centigrade and -38.83 Centigrade. Even Gallium will melt if it is held in hand as its melting point is 29.76 Centigrade.

  • Fact 3:

Astatine is the rarest naturally-occurring element in the earth’s crust. There are less than 30 grams of Astatine in the earth’s crust.

  • Fact 4:

Bee stings are acidic while wasp stings are alkaline. Bee stings mainly consist of melittin whereas the main constituent chemical in the wasp sting is acetylcholine.

  • Fact 5:

Water is among the very few substances which expand while freezing. Other than water, Bismuth and Antimony are also among the substances that follow this property.

  • Fact 6:

Superfluid Helium defies gravity and can climb walls. At lambda point (i.e. 1.17K), Helium becomes superfluid Helium with zero viscosity.

  • Fact 7:

DNA is flame retardant. In an experiment, it was seen that a cotton cloth coated with DNA refused to burn.

  • Fact 8:

Lightning strikes produce Ozone which plays a vital role in protecting the living beings from harmful UV rays.

  • Fact 9:

Fluoroantimonic is the world’s strongest acid. It is a mixture of Antimony Pentafluoride and Hydrofluoric acid. If solo acid is only considered, carborane is the world’s strongest solo acid.

  • Fact 10:

Acid rain has the pH value of 4.3 which is nearly the same as vinegar and orange juice. This is the reason that acid rain makes the water bodies toxic and damages building, forests, etc.

These were a few chemistry facts that sure are fascinating and interesting. This subject is very practical and students can learn the concepts more easily if they enjoy learning. Students can subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and learn some chemistry topics in an easy and engaging way from the 3D animated video lessons.

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