Top 25 Influential People of The Web World

When you talk about the top people who changed the Internet forever, you have to give all the credit to the inventor itself. Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee is the man responsible for one of the most crucial invention ever. He invented the World Wide Web. He is also the chairman of World Wide Web Consortium. As a computer scientist, he has worked on many projects at CERN one of which you are using while reading this article.

Vint Cerf And Bob Kahn are the two names responsible for TCP/IP from which we are able to make our data connections and communicate the way we do. They are both scientists from USA. Together they figured out the best protocol for data link and communication, how the data packets were to be sent and received.

Google changed the way we searched for webpages. Before Google, search engines just gave random results and it was very difficult to find the specific page you were looking for. Larry Page and Sergey Brin co-founded Google working together at Stanford University. Today Google does not carry out just search but so many more features that change our world.

Yahoo! Is also a search engine and was founded 4 years before the homecoming of Google. The company is co-founded by David Filo and Jerry Yang. Though it was a medium to search the web it failed to produce accurate results compared to Google. Today Yahoo runs a range of web services.

Microsoft is the name joint with the maximum number of Homes all around the world. Their operating systems outsell every other in the whole world. Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft and currently its chairman. Bill Gates is also Co-Chairperson for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where they give funds to reduce health problems and remove poverty.

Steve Paul Jobs, he has a little too many things associated with his name. Steve is the co-founder of the company whose name is synonyms with invention- Apple Inc.  At Apple he gave the first user friendly GUI to computers. After being thrown out of his own company he created PIXAR which produced world’s first Oscar winning animation film.  He also co-founded NeXT Inc.

Facebook the social networking site has changed the way we share and communicate on internet. One of the 5 main co-founders, Mark Zuckerberg was the brains and force behind Facebook’s development. Like Bill Gates, Zuckerberg is a Harvard drop-out in order to achieve success. He continues to grow Facebook at the age of just 29.

YouTube is an online video watching website which has not just helped videos reach different parts of the world but has discovered talent and done so much more than just watching videos. YouTube was created by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen co-founded YouTube. YouTube was sold to Google for $1.65 billion.

Linus Torvalds is a Finnish American software engineer who was the principal force behind the development of Linux kernel.  Andriod the mobile operating system which is the most widely used mobile OS is also a Linux kernel based OS. Without Linux, we won’t even have an Android!

Linus Torvalds


Twitter has actually been a blow to traditional blogging by introducing micro blogging. Twitter has helped in spreading awareness and celebrities whine. Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey. Twitter also has a subset- Vine which tackles Instagram in creative video sharing which was closely seen through by Jack Dorsey.

News aggregators are huge these days, something many of us use daily. Digg is another one of its kind, reliable with quality and great presentation of the news. Digg has been co-founded by Kevin Rose. Today Digg has monthly 3.8 million unique visits just in the USA.  Kevin Rose was named one of the top 35 innovators in MIT Tech Review TR35.

BitTorrent has been one of the best medium for peer to peer file sharing. Bram Cohen quit his job to make sharing easier and time efficient. His work has now leaded to tons of data being regulated all across the internet within no time. He also worked with Valve to produce Half Life 2.

Role Playing games were never the same before Warcraft. It was only made possible by one man- Michael Morhaime who co-founded Blizzard Entertainment who develop video games and publish them. World of Warcraft changed the way people played role playing games online. It is a sensation.

Jimmy Wales created Wikipedia which more than anything has helped a student copy-paste their homework (haha). Wikipedia has been the largest and most resourceful encyclopedia helping find crucial information and research. Jimmy Wales has led its growth up front and created genius.

e-Commerce has been revolutionary and without a doubt Amazon’s name is synonymous with it. Jeff Preston Bezos co-founded Amazon to bring people all they wanted at their door step. He organized the company from the ground up and today Amazon sells the most variety of products worldwide. Amazon also makes the Kindle tablets.

Shawn Fanning has co-founded Napster an online music service. It was a P2P file sharing platform before it ran into legal trouble over copyrights. He is also an angel investor and helps grow start-ups companies. One of his small projects- Rupture is a social networking site for gamers.

eBay is a multinational internet customer to customer corporation. Pierre Omidyar created eBay originally just to write code for a venue for customers to auction for collectibles. The website grew to become a proper venue to buy and sell to any customer. eBay continues to be the top most auction site online.

Jack Ma is a Chinese entrepreneur who has constructed the company Alibaba from ground up which not just largest in China company to company trading platform for small business but in the whole world. spreads around 240 countries and Jack Ma is chairman for the whole enterprise. He is responsible for $30 million transactions daily.

Craig Newmark saw the potential in being the host for people to click ads and the people who put them and the result is Craigslist. It is a classified ad website which puts up ads related to a number of topics such as housing, gigs, wanted items and other tons of stuff. He has created a corporation now in 50 countries.

Matt Mullenweg has created something due to which people like me can get my words to you; he is the founder of WordPress which is now the world’s largest content management website. He quit his job at CNET to found the company Automattic which then lead to he also has a professional domain hack for his blog-

Before the coming of Facebook, there was MySapce which held the ground of the largest base for social networking. More than social networking it was a platform where people could listen to the music you create and share. MySpace was co-founded by Thomas Anderson. Apart from MySpace Tom Anderson helps companies solve problems that they can’t see through.

Garrett Camp is a San Francisco based entrepreneur who is the chairman and co-founder of StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is not exactly a search engine but a discovery engine that helps its users find new content by recommending them certain pages. Garrett has made the toolbar available for all major browsers.

A large force behind the internet is also Jon Postel who is a computer scientist and helped to create internet standards for registry and coms. He also took the work upon to set and administer Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. He has the Internet Society’s award to his name.

Caterina Fake is a business woman and an entrepreneur who has co-founded Flickr- an image and website hosting website. The site hosts more than 7 billion images with 95 million unique visitors and has an Alexa ranking of 91. She currently lives in NYC and San Francisco.

Marc Andreessen has been a venture capitalist and is the founder of Netscape. Netscape is an online browser which has now been taken over by America Online. There was a time in the 90s when it used to be THE browser to use but it lost its user to Internet Explorer. It still remains an internet service provider.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the people who have really influenced the web!

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