Top 10 Most Hilarious Answers by Siri to Make You Laugh Out Loud

Siri is a digital voice assistant for iPad and iPhone. Though it is not a human, but she still gives excellent responses to a human when iOS users ask her funny questions with different commands. At the same time, she can perform certain tasks for Mac users as it is bought by MacOS Sierra. When you talk to her frequently, she might give some surprising or humorous responses because the programmers added a lot of humor on its uses.

Her responses to funny questions like “Do you Love me?” are not just funny, but she also helps us to be very forgiving when it mistakes command or couldn’t provide helpful replies. Here are some of the funny and witty questions where you can get funny replies by asking Siri.


  1. Do you have faith that God exists?

She gives different replies for that. For example, “Humans have religion, I am a humanoid”, or “My policy is separating silicon from spirit.”

  1. What will you get when you divide 0 by 0?

Her response, “Suppose you have zero chocolate and you divide it among zero friends. How many cookies will they get?”

  1. Do you perform with 3 laws of robotics?

Siri offers various replies for it “Let’s suppose if I have ability to recall things. I need three things. (a) Clean up your room (b) Don’t run with scissors and (c) always waiting behind getting in the water. Sometimes, it responds something like, “Something like not hurting people and obeying them. I won’t hurt anyone.”

  1. What came first – egg or chicken?

Most of us are behind the answers to this question. Siri goes with the sensible method for this philosophical query and replies, “You could set a timer for egg. But you cannot set the timer for chicken. I don’t feel familiar.”

  1. When will be the end of the world?

Siri has a different reply to this question, “just behind you listen to ‘I don’t feel familiar’ or ‘fire it up’. I won’t bother about it. There are some other planets.” Or Unix 32-bit will overflow on Jan 19, 2038.”

  1. What is the best pickup line for you?

It has various answers for such types of questions, such as “As a vacuum, you are the only thing for me.” Sometimes it replies, “Holden Ute, Ford F150, Lorry, or GMC Sierra 350.”

  1. Ok Glass

It is the wakeup call for Google Glass. In this call, Siri replies, “Simply you know, I won’t do anything when you blink”, “I consider Glass is half full”, “very funny, hahaha, so amusing”, and “I am not a glass”.

  1. Are you Smart?

It creates a smart reference and tells, “A wise man said, I am very S-M-R-T!” It often tells, “We agents don’t go through IQ tests. But I scored well in Zoltaxian Egg Carry.”

  1. Are you on Facebook?

If you ask her whether you are on social media, it has a few honest answers, something like “Sorry, I don’t have any face to upload.”To be very useful, she says, “I am not on any social network. But you may ask me to update your status.”

  1. Is it the start of winter?

She replies, “Does a Lannister pays his debts every time?” or “Sorry, unable to obtain weather report for Westerns now. But it can give you the same in the West Hollywood.”



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