Hacking – The Extra Ordinary Talent – Meet 3 Sexy Hackers

Hacking is one of a crime, but if it is so done in the favor of people, then it would not be included as a crime. Most of the male hackers, as well as female hackers, are working for the people or for some agencies. Adeanna Cooke is one of them, she starts hacking in some circumstances, she loves to click her sexy photo in different-different poses, but one of her friends cheated her and she gave her picture to someone else only to earn quick money.


That person takes her picture and publishes it on one website when she came to know about that scenario, then she takes some action without complaining to anyone and the result of her effort is that she hacked that website and blocked it. After this issue, she thought to help others who are facing the same kind of problem. Therefore, she tries to help the people who are cheated by someone else or their pictures were misused.

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Anna Chapman is a sexy lady with the beautiful look; she has a lot of media attention to her because of her sexy look and beauty. She was married to a British citizen based in London and her husband’s name was Alex Chapman, but eventually, she takes divorce from her husband. And after being divorced, there was a rumor that she is dating the New York based restaurant owner i.e. Michel Bittan.

In her life, she starts her profession as an agent of the Russian Federation, and due to her fantastic and attractive look, she was able to get the media attention. As the time goes ahead, she hosts a television show, and after that, she got too much renowned among the people. As well as, she was also famous as the successful entrepreneur. She was arrested because she was spying for the Russian government. Anna uses her mind in a great manner; she is well capable of hacking any website in a very less time.

Kristina Svechinskaya is a Russian girl, her birth date is 16th February 1989, and she belongs from a middle-class family. Her father doesn’t have lots of money, so after the completion of her primary education, she starts working. Her father gave her a choice to learn travel program or start any kind of work. In her younger age, she starts working in fast food outlet and while working over there she got a chance to go to New York.

In New York, she has a friend group, and by being with them she learns the hacking. In all the history, she is the only girl who does the hacking at the age of 24 in a huge manner. She also made the fake passport. In her younger age, she has many cases of fans and hacking on her head. The main weapon of her is the Zeus Trojan, she uses it not only for attacking the bank account but also it opens the bank accounts. The main task is given to her is to open the various accounts at the same time so that she can transfer the stolen amount in that account.

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