Everything You Need to Know About Geofencing

Geofencing is the new technology that has revolutionised the social media marketing by new boundaries. What exactly is geofence and how and how does it work? Let us share complete and concise information on the concept of geofencing in the following paragraphs.

Geofencing – An Overview

Geofencing is the geological fencing as the word itself would mean. Creating virtual fencing through software tools around a physical location would refer to Geofencing.

We would give you an example. What happens when you have set fencing around your home through some electronic means, and someone enters the zone? You will get a buzzer go on or some other trigger that lets you know that a person has entered the fenced area. Well, that is exactly what happens with geofencing. Whenever a mobile device enters the geofenced area, it would trigger the predefined pop-ups so that the device gets some sort of contextual content.

What Can You Do With Geofencing?

How would you put geofence to use? Well, geofencing is used for a host of applications. Whatever be the application that you would put it to, you can choose to do any of the five major things when a device enters the geofenced location.

  • Send a push notification with localised information
  • Make use of an app to display visual content and related information.
  • Gather the details in the background.
  • Verify the exit and entry
  • Trigger something else in the third party app with business-centric

Some of the application examples can be:

  • Sending Notification – When a device enters a fenced location near a museum, you can send information on the items.
  • Showing Visual Content – Show the delicacies in the form of an image or video when you are a nearby hotel.
  • Gathering details in the background – The technology can be used to collect the number of vehicles entering and leaving a particular location.
  • Verifying exit and entry – Verifying the entry and exit of the trucks and ensuring that they are authorised to do so if you are in a fleet the
  • Triggering something in a third party app – Turning the TV off when you leave the room.

Please note that these are a few instances of how Geofencing can be useful in the practical use case. There are indeed umpteen opportunities.

How would you choose the best Geofencing Company?

With the growth of multiple applications in the arena of Geofencing, it should be quite practical to expect the growth of several companies dealing with the efficient development of the products and services.

Choosing a service provider is a huge task in itself. While there are companies like Radar that have been real performers, while there may be a few that may be the right contenders.

There are several points you need to take care of while choosing the location platform. Creating custom geofences is one of the features you need to look ahead for in your chosen location platform. Ability to create a huge number circle or other shapes of geofences is one of the best features you need to look for. Another aspect we would take a look at would be to ensure that the platform syncs well with other platforms that you are normally using. Seamless integration with multiple services is the best we would expect.

The Parting Thoughts

Geofencing is indeed the best platform you can use to reach your target audience in the best possible way. There are great possibilities you have with Geofencing. The social media marketing and other means of reaching targeted audience would be the best beneficiaries of the concept of Geofencing.

Make use of the technology, and we are sure you will stand to gain the benefits that the tool has in making use of the features offered by Geofencing and associated technologies.

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