Full Form of Computer – Some Dumb Myths about Computer We All Have Believed

Computers were not actually made the way we use them now. They have been revolutionized faster than any other gadget. Before we discuss further, let’s check out the full form of computer that most of us don’t know

C – Common

O – Operating

M – Machine

P – Particularly

U – Used for

T – Technical

E – Educational

R – Research

Some Mind Boggling Facts about Computers most of us didn’t know 

  • First ever computer occupied the space of a full-sized apartment, e. 1900 sq. Ft. and weighed around 30 tons.
  • First ever mouse was made of wood in 1964 by Doug Engelbart.
  • Microsoft, Apple, and HP – leading computer giants – were actually started out in a garage.
  • Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and one of the world’s richest persons, used Macintosh to design his first house.
  • In 1979, the first ever hard drive was launched and had the capacity to save the only 5MB of data. In 1980, the first ever 1GB hard disk was launched, which weighed around 550 pounds and cost up to $40000.

Some Dumb Myths about Computers You Should Stop Believing

Automatic Updates Make OS Stronger

Instead, Automatic updates just make UI even smoother and nothing else.

Your computer is not secure without Antivirus

Unless it is a free version, Antivirus is a total waste of money and space. In Windows 10, you don’t even need to install antivirus because it comes with default Windows Defender with robust protocols. It updates automatically and protects your PC.

Internet Explorer is the worst and slowest browser

Internet Explorer is a very useful browser (to download and install Google Chrome, jokes apart). The latest version of Internet Explorer is as fast as Chrome. Google Chrome provides integrated experience and supports various Google services that no other browser supports.

Cleaning Cache Speeds up Your PC

Applications you use create cache over time. Caches are the files which help improve the speed of loading data. In fact, cache storage is a blessing for your PC. If you remove them, you may end up living in the 90s when computers needed to load files again and again.

Modern applications hurt RAM

It is a universal fact that modern applications eat up a lot of memory. This is why we have 8GB to 16GB of RAM in modern machines to make system faster and UI smoother. So, it takes less time to load applications.

Here are some witty full forms of computer terms

After knowing all such facts, it’s time for having some fun by reading these funny yet sarcastic full forms –

  • APPLE – Arrogant Produces Profit Losing Entity
  • ISDN – It Still Does Nothing
  • DOS – Defective Operating System
  • WWW – World Wide Wait (Even 4G couldn’t do anything about it)
  • IBM – I Blame Microsoft (Since Microsoft arrives, IBM went down)
  • Windows – Will Install Needless Data On the Whole System
  • MACINTOSH – Most Apps Crash, If Not, The OS Hangs

Hopefully, you’ve loved the article about the mind-blowing facts and some sarcastic full forms of computer terms.

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