Finding Collateral Beauty

Everyone experiences pain and love several times in their lives. When we are experiencing pain, we tend to forget the love that we once had. We forget all the beautiful things we may have experience. The true meaning of collateral beauty, its finding beauty in everything around us.

Collateral beauty entails getting back into who we were before the pain, loss, and depression. It is finding the ray of sunshine on a stormy day and keep on moving a step at a time with the hope and believe that things will always get better.

We mostly experience collateral beauty during the worst moments in our lives. It is during the painful days, the tragedies in our lives that we experience the beauty that surrounds us. One of the most powerful displays of collateral beauty was visible in Texas during Hurricane Harvey. Where people from all walks of life, came together to support each other.

When we lose a loved one, we are heartbroken, sad and lonely. We forget the love and happiness that we had, and in turn, our life is filled with all the negativity imaginable. Collateral beauty aids finding the beauty in everything around us. This can only be done, by looking and concentrating on your families, loved ones; remembering the way they smiled, laughed, that little joke that wasn’t really funny but they would say it every single opportunity they get. The scream, tantrums that they would have. Remembering the happy moments when they were still with us.

It is not easy to set aside the pain, sadness, hurt, loneliness, anger and concentrate on finding something beautiful about the situation you are in. There is nothing beautiful about losing a loved one, being heartbroken, sick or depressed. You can never be able to find the positive, good, beautiful in life if you surround yourself with all the negative emotions.
It is by finding, the little good things about life, things that will always make you happy and smile through the pain and hurt. It is remembering the smile that your husband gave you. The look of adoration that your child gives you every single day. The tight hugs that always assure you that everything will be alright.
By smiling every single day, accepting that our loved ones are gone and will never be forgotten, by working hard to be better at everything we do on a daily basis. Aiming to be better at being happy, better at smiling more, better at looking at the positive side of things, better at believing that all is not lost and pain is a part of our life. We shall start experiencing collateral beauty.

Pain is a part of our life. With 75% of us gravitating towards sadness, self-loathing, depression. We tend to shut down; we don’t want to live, we don’t want to be happy again, we don’t want to get back into our daily existence as it just doesn’t make sense without our loved ones, our children, our homes, finances. By taking the good with all the bad that we are going through and we keep going, we smile through the pain, we sing or dance. We find the strength to move on with our lives without necessarily forgetting the pain that we experience.

It’s only after we notice all the beauty that surrounds us do we experience the true meaning of collateral beauty. The beauty that is inside all of us. The good, funny, weird parts of our personality that make us special and unique.

Diamond has all kinds of shapes, sizes, edges, and colors. But it is still the most beautiful object in the universe. The different shapes and edges give it character and beauty. In this world, we will experience disappointments, pain loss, heartbreak, and war. We shall also experience happiness, joy laughter, love, and peace. Its the negative and positive experiences that make us who we are, they make us stronger every single day, they build our character and personalities. They make us stand out as beautiful as a diamond that can never be similar to any other.

Always look for the collateral beauty in everything around you, especially during your hardest and most painful times. The pain should remind you of the good life that you have life and the memories you have shared with loved ones.

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