Life Of The 5 Famous Female Programmers

The 21st century has shown a drastic change in the fields of women. They have taken up the front stage and have out done the performances. Many women in this century have taken up programming as their main career. This is actually a compliment for them. These are beauty with the brains. The first female programmer on earth was Ada Lovelace.

The top five female programmers include the following:

  1. Sara Haider
  2. Jade Raymond
  3. Amanda Wixted
  4. Tracy Chou
  5. Corrinne Yu

Sara Haider

She is one the most famous personality who has made a mark in the field of women’s list. She is one of the beautiful ladies and has left the world startled with her work.  She has completed her education from the University of Texas.  She has so much time in achieving so much in life. She was also a part of the Google firm and now she is the most famous programmer in the world.  Coming to her academics and education, Sara Haider has completed her education from the university of waterloo.

Jade Raymond

This lady is another famous personality who has made a remark in the history of achievements in the women’s list.  Coming to her education and academics, she has received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of McGill. She was an excellent student throughout her study. Jade Raymond got married and maintains a very social life. She is an amazing person. They are four persons in her family which include jade Raymond, her husband, her daughter and her son. She seems to be a very amiable person. Click here to know more about her.

Amanda Wixted

When discussing about the female programmer, this name is one of the most common names that come in the female programmers list. This name is heard from throughout the world. She is one famous personality who is linked with gamers and the gaming around the world. She has excelled in her studies and has taken up programming as her full-time career. Due to these ladies perseverance and dedication towards work, they have topped the list of women around the world in top most famous programmers list in the world.

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Tracy Chou

As you all must have heard about the famous and the most popular website that keeps everyone hooked with is the Pinterest, this lady’s work is behind the fame and the popularity. She is one of the top programmers in the women’s list around the world. When searched about her education and the academic background, she has done a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and with that, she also has a master’s degree in computer science. Both the degrees are from Stanford University.

Corinne Yu

Her name comes the last in the top five famous programmers in the world but not the least. She is one of the top programmers in the world who has a very high rank in the world performances. Coming to the academic background of Corine yu, she holds a degree in electrical engineering.

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3 thoughts on “Life Of The 5 Famous Female Programmers

  1. Nice to see that there are female computer programmers and people are appreciating them!!! It is indeed nice to see women reaching such a great position!!!

  2. Wooww! Women are getting in all the fields now!
    Yesterday I read about a woman leading a team at SpaceX; and now so many other women leaders in the market!!! this is great!

  3. Ada has done a wonderful job and has created a foundation for the women of 21st Century.

    Since I am myself a software engineer; I can totally understand the hard-work and efforts Ada would have had to put in those day.

    Ada is definitely a role model to have!


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