How to Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages to Text?

WhatsApp has been a saviour in its true sense because it had integrated almost all the possible features of various social media apps into one. It started with WhatsApp calling followed by added features like video calling, sending documents, and of course, the story updates which is the latest of all.

WhatsApp is one application which has been kept up to date in the best possible way, making the users glued to just one single app rather than go to different apps for different features. Another interesting feature that WhatsApp allows you to do is send audio messages rather for all those times when you can’t type or are stuck or occupied.

However, as much of a boon the feature turns out for most of us, it often is not possible to actually hear the audio message in certain circumstances. You could be at a public place or be in a meeting, or, if not anything at all; it could be a voice note from your friend and parents are around (it could have anything and let us all agree, we do not want to risk that). In such cases, you end up waiting to get to an appropriate place or are forced to wait until you find the right time.

And, if you are someone who’s been there, and has had no option to hear that right away, well, we think we can help you. Wondering how? What if you could convert those audio messages into text? Yes, you won’t have to hear, but you could read even if they send you a voice not. Sounds like a plan?

If you are wondering how can you do that, fear not because here we are to help you out. We have listed down for you the steps to convert voice messages into text on both Android and iOS.

Converting WhatsApp Voice Messages to Text on Android

We start off with Android because well most of the users do belong to this category. Before you fret too much, here are the steps to convert WhatsApp voice messages to Text on Android:

  • For beginning with the process, you need to download the APK of Transcriber for WhatsApp on your android devices. (Download link)

  • Once installed, checkmark the required options, and click on continue until you get the option of Done on the bottom right in the tab.


  • Having done that, go to your WhatsApp and over there select the voice message that you want to be converted. Next u, upon long pressing the voice message, click on the share option on the toolbar at the top and select Transcriber from the available options.


  • And there, your need has been fulfilled as the app automatically converts the voice into text, and it will be displayed.

It should, however, be noted that the languages supported include the following:  English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Russian.

Converting WhatsApp Voice Messages to Text on iOS:

For the rather selected group of people who might need this here is how to convert your voice messages into text on iOS:

  • To start off with you will have to download Audio to Text for WhatsApp

Click here to download

  • Having done that, you will have to give the app permission to access speech recognition.

  • Exit the app once you’ve permitted it to access speech recognition and head over to WhatsApp.
  • Over here, select the voice message that you need in text and click on forward. Once done, select the share option on your tab.
  • From here on, you will find the list of applications that will allow you to share. And, amongst this list will be Audio to Text, which upon being selected will convert the message for you.

And that’s about it. You’re done right here!

So the next time you find yourself stuck up with a voice message, you know exactly where to head to turn your saviour. While it is true that voice messages come in super handy, it is often almost impossible to hear them right away and to avoid that, here we are with the apps that could help.

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