Best WeChat Tips and Tricks

Now, many people use advanced mobile phones instead of ordinary ones because they have lots of useful features. The smartphones are highly preferred mobiles that bring users extraordinary and matchless experience by supporting many latest applications. WeChat is a leading social media application used for both instant messaging and interaction.

This best communication app comes with many impressive features as well as attributes that let users find friends nearby them and speak with them. WeChat also comes with a functional feature known as Moments. It is a platform where users can share video, photos or just a status updates similar to the Facebook timeline.

The great application not only includes some useful features, but it also lets you enjoy some additional benefits. Best WeChat Tricks helps you to try some things while using this excellent application. Here are the best and useful WeChat tricks and tips as follow:

Enjoy WeChat online

The main attractive feature of WeChat is user can communicate with their friends, individuals in contacts as well as other WeChat near them online using their computer.  You need not download any communication application for using this app. Instead, you can visit the official portal of WeChat where you can create the account and sign in for talking to the people in your contacts and friends.

Send documents

WeChat is also used to send audio files, documents, photos, and videos. By using WeChat, you can quickly send all kinds of files below the size of 10 MB. For having sent any file in large paragraphs, you can use it.  Images of any layout can be exchanged and transferred.

Post with your moments

You can also use WeChat on Android iOS devices or smartphones.  This app offers DISCOVER option and MOMENTS feature to the iPhone users. It works as posting something on the popular social media like Facebook and friends can comment, check and like it.   This feature also lets you like or comment the MOMENT of the people, tap on the camera until the COMMENT and LIKE options appear.

Chance your friend’s name

It is now easy with this app for changing the contacts, people and friend’s name. You can click on a name you desire to edit. After that, you can see the ALIS option.  When you click on this option, you can get a chance to rename your certain contact. This app offered this great attribute freshly, and it focuses on facilitating all the users of WeChat.

Multiple Messaging facilities

Most of the social networking platforms do not provide multiple messaging services like video call option in the group, group chat on calls and conferences. For overcoming the drawbacks, WeChat comes with various messaging facilities.  It let you enjoy the video calls in a group.  Multiple messaging is an interesting feature of WeChat that encourage many people to use it.

Find Nearby People

When you feel completely bored while using WeChat, you can find individuals around you. This search option comes with certain essential attributes which make the search more target oriented and precise. By using this option, you can easily find individuals in your regions, shows user names, their distance from because it utilizes your location.  Apart from that, it also lets you check their IDs and profiles. It is a useful and exciting feature that surprises the bored users who need some true entertainment and fun.

Enjoy social features of WeChat

Many socialization features are available in this application that some other apps miss. It is a primary reason for why users love to use this WeChat application which is based on the Best WeChat tips for all.

Look Around

It is an excellent feature that let you connect with individuals in your nearby areas and surroundings. For getting the entire benefits of this feature, you need to activate location feature.  Apart from that, you can also define the standards for search people as well as check their status, profiles, and distance from your location, profile phone and much more.


The post includes all basic and must-know tricks and tips you should understand either you are an experienced or novice user. Best WeChat tips make it simpler for you to get your hands on WeChat and get more from it.

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