5 Best Mechanical Keyboards

There was a time when the clack-clack of the typewriters used to fill the rooms, and then came the PCs which took away all that charm. A fascination as it seems to be, mechanical keyboards have not turned into more of a classic and are gaining back their popularity.

It is for various reasons that they are seeing a comeback. While it could be for playing the games, it is also to withstand the heavy load of work that the keyboards are subjected to these days. Thanks to the individual switches that the mechanical keyboards have, they make for a better usage than the regular ones which keep you slow and also need you to be careful. When we compare Mechanical Keywords Vs. Regular Keyboards, definitely the winner will be Mechanical.

And, now that they are anyway resurfacing for one and all, we thought we’d list down for you the best 5, catering to different budgets and levels. Read on as we list them down for you:

  1. IBM Model M

Many might assume this to be like the regular keyboard. However, it isn’t and is, in fact, one of the most resistant you’ll find on our list. Not overpriced, it comes with Microsoft Windows keys, which makes it only a tad more reliable, while you can always have colour options to choose from. The keystrokes will make you feel better because they are only more responsive, and for those who do not want too much of a sound and yet wish to have a mechanical keyboard, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

IBM Model M

Chances are you might as well find one of these locked away into your storerooms. They allow for fixing into any computer, and hence you can use it along with whatever PC you are on right now. One of the oldest, this is sure one on our list you can totally trust upon.

  1. Das Keyboard 4

Available with Cherry MX Brown switches and a provision for USB 3.0, the Das Keyboard 4 will give you an experience that you definitely will want to work often on your keyboards. It might come across as overpriced, but the features only make it worth your while.

For starters, it had instant sleep buttons, oversized volume knobs, gold-plated mechanical switches, and an anodized aluminum top panel which increases its durability.

Das Keyboard 4

So we are saying that the Das Keyboard 4 is a beauty and if you’re looking for something that stands out and are ready to pay the price for it then this is meant for you.

  1. Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

With BlackWidow Ultimate, Razer has aimed at targeting the group that is into mainstream gaming, and though it does not have a maximum of mechanical keyboards, this one is surely one of the best it does.

BlackWidow Ultimate has Cherry MX Blue switches and allows you to select individual backlight for every key, with an additional set of special keys for gaming, USB port on the side, function keys with media controls, on the fly macro-reading, and much more.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

Razer has updates coming in annually and that can always help you do away with you woes, just in case you have any. It is considered to be one strong and durable keyboard, with no heavy and loud sound to be put up with. Good quality at a decent price, the BlackWidow Ultimate might interest you in more than just one way.

  1. CM Storm QuickFire TK

Another budget friendly mechanical keyboard on our list, the Storm QuickFire are one of the most durable ones that come at this price. With easy shortcut keys, fully backlit LED keys, and USB support, and is perfectly built.

CM Storm QuickFire TK

These are yet another ones which deem fit for gamers and the linear Cherry MX switches are what gamers would call bliss. While the font style is a little different, it only makes for a good choice given how handy it is.

  1. Redragon K552 LED Mechanical Keyboard

Another one ideal for the gamers, as it has the look and feel to appeal to any active gamers, the Redragon K552 LED Mechanical Keyboard is one of the best at the price it comes for. Without compromising on the quality, this keyboard has an array of features to showcase including the likes of Cherry blue equivalent keys, splash proof, high-speed USB cable, keys molded with double shot injection caps and a lot more.

Redragon K552 LED Mechanical Keyboard

It supports a large number of PCs which makes it only more usable. This here again has custom lighting, is highly durable and of course, low price. With minor glitches here and there, the Redragon K552 LED Mechanical keyboard still does stand strong at number 5 on our list.

And that’s about that on our list of the top 5 mechanical keyboards you can opt for. As you do scroll down Amazon, you might as well come across keyboards that appeal to you and are probably better than the one we listed right here, and if you do, drop by your suggestions in here.

Until then, let the clak – clak of your keyboards begin!


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