Some Amazing Tips To Make Money By Content Writing

Making money online is not as easy as it sounds. When most people start out, they have no idea what to do and how to do stuff in order to earn some money online.

Hence, they end up wasting countless number of hours doing stuff online aimlessly. Filling up those scam surveys and also trying out several PTC sites. Nothing works, but there is something that assures you a certain amount of money just by writing content for websites and more.

Content writing is how many of the professional bloggers today started out and it is a great way either to earn some extra pocket money or just to make it a full-time profession.

But keep in mind that it only sounds simple and you need a lot of patience in order to earn your first buck online.

How to start out as a content writer?

Well, obviously no one is going to give you any work if you randomly ask them out of the blue to give you some work. The people who will be giving you bulk writing work are players of their own niches and they look for certain things in a content writer before recruiting one. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind to make money by content writing.

Fix a niche

You cannot be the jack of all trades. It is good to master one niche instead of trying out every niche out there. This niche can be anything. It can be technology, health, finance or anything. Just pick the one which you personally like and you will learn many things in further coming works.

Build a portfolio

It is OK if no one is giving you any work at the start because you had no experience. It is totally easy to overcome this problem.

Make a portfolio blog. Add articles on that blog and when anyone asks for your previous work, show them this blog.
It is not necessary if these blogs get any traffic or not, but it will create a portfolio for you.

Keep a viable pricing

Don’t try to charge a big amount to your clients. Always remember, when you are new in a field, making contacts is more precious that earning money. Keep your pricing good because trust me, webmasters don’t like writers who charge too much.

Keep good relations with your clients

These first clients of yours will make a good word about you to other fellow webmasters and blog owners so make sure your relationship with your clients is healthy. Always remember, there is a hell lot of competition out there so keep this your motto: Under promise but over deliver.

This is the best way to create good relations with your clients.

These were some basic tips to get started with content writing in the blogosphere. Now comes the part where you actually start making money.

How to make money with content writing?

Now that you have gained some experience with content writing and you are all set to make some real cash with content writing, this part will come handy to you.

Sign up on Freelancing websites

There are many websites which allow freelancers to sign up and provide services. Content writing and content marketing is an industry with a huge industry and good writers are always in demand.

Sign up on these sites and provide services and make a good name for yourself by completing all the provided tasks.

Contact webmasters of niche you are a writer in

Send solicited emails/messages to webmasters of blogs asking them for opportunities on their site(s) for a content writer. Believe it or not this strategy works very well.

Write for sites that pay you for posting content on their sites

Believe it or not but these types of sites actually exist where you can earn up to $100 for writing posts for them.

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    COntent writing is the best and quick way to make money online when you just know writing and nothing else. I have been writing content for clients, and making a few bucks in my free hours.

    Thanks for this awesome post.


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